Board Directors

Ato Teka Asfaw Tessema
Board Chairman

Position: Consultant & Attorney at Law /Private/

Experience in year: 33

Qualification: LLB


Ato Berhanu Addisalem Sisay
Board Director

Position: Director-Finance & Accounting, MIDROC Eth. Plc Project Management Office

Experience in year: 39

Qualification: BA in Accounting Chartered Certified Accountant (ACCA,UK)


Ato Hussien Ahmed Hassen
Board Director

Position: Manager, Bridgestone (CABEY) Plc
Experience in year: 13

Qualification: BA Degree in Nuclear Physics & Electronics, American University in Cairo, Egypt MBA in Business Administration and Financial Management, Howard University, Washington, USA


Ato Agmas Omer Asaye
Board Director

Position: Marketing Manager HSY Trading Plc.

Experience in year: 18

Qualification: BA Degree in Accounting


Ato Engidawork Fekadu Emeshaw
Board Director

Position: General Manager, Shama Plc.

Experience in year: 50

Qualification: Diploma, Banking and Insurance Institute of Banking Studies


Ato Getachew Hagos Equbemichael
Board Director

Position: Executive-Vice President, MIDROC Technology Group

Experience in year: 41

Qualification: Diploma in Management Control and Management Information System, RVB/MSM, the Netherlands BA in Public Administration


Ato Neway Beyene Mulatu
Board Director

Position: General Manager, Afcor Plc (IBM Business Partner)

Experience in year: 30

Qualification: Masters in Business Leadership BSc Degree in Electrical Engineering


Ato Shisema Shewaneka Fenkir
Board Director

Position: Chief Operating Officer, National Oil Company (NOC)

Experience in year: 31

Qualification: BA Degree in Accounting FCCA, ACCA - London


Dr. Wondyifraw Tefera Ergete
Board Director

Position: Director, Agricultural Operations Horizon Plantations Plc.

Experience in year: 34

Qualification: PHD in Tropical Agriculture/Horticulture MSC in Agronomy/Seed Physiology BSC in Plant Sciences


Board Sub- Committee Members

Audit Committee
Ato Berhanu Addisalem
Ato Agmas Omer
Ato Neway Beyene

Human Resource Committee
Ato Teka Asfaw
Ato Getachew Hagos
Dr.Wondyifraw Tefera

Risk Committee
Ato Engidawork Fekadu
Ato Shisema Shewaneka
Ato Hussien Ahmed