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Current Protection Scheme - Dashen Bank

Current Protection Scheme

This is a scheme that links current and savings account of same customer so that cheques would not be bounced wherever the current account balance is not found adequate to cover the cheque amount.

Business Persons, entities or individual customers who have both savings and current account. He/she also need to have minimum balance of Birr 5,000,000 in their savings account.

Whenever the saving account is affected for payment of cheque to be drawn from current account as a result of having insufficient balance, the customer will get an opportunity to use 25% of its savings account balance for settlement of the cheque.
Customer will be allowed to draw a cheque three times in month from the saving account.

Renewed ID card in case of individual customers and signatories
2 passport size Photographs
Articles and Memorandum of Association in case of PLCs and Share Companies
Whenever the loan is granted for pursuing of higher education, the Bank will effect payment of educational fee.