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Debit Card

After office our banking is what Dashen debit card offers you. It really means that Dashen Bank is never closed. You can operate your account anytime, via our :-

ATM Network


Merchants Location

So the money you deposit with us is always accessible to you, irrespective of normal working hours of the bank.

With the Dashen Bank card, you can:

  • Access your money 24 X 7 X 365, without limitation for bank working hours.
  • Operate multiple accounts with a single card.
  • Withdraw up to 5,000 Birr per day per card subject to the balance in your account.
  • Purchase goods or services up to Birr 8,000.00 per day per card at any of the Dashen Bank merchants.
  • Check the balances of all accounts linked to the card.
  • Obtain mini-statement that lists the last ten transactions in any of your accounts linked to your card.

You can posses a Dashen visa card if you are:

  • A Savings Account holder with authority to operate the account in individual capacity.
  • A Current Account holder (only for a Current Account in individual name or proprietorship)
Application Process

If you are already an account holder with the above description

Application Form

Fill the form and submit to the Area Bank where you have the primary account. If you don’t yet have an account with Dashen Bank, please open one at one of your nearest Area Bank.

Account Opening Application Form

Are you a Dashen Bank Customer

YesNo Loss/Stolen Cards

In case the card is lost or stolen, please report immediately to your Area Bank in writing by filling the appropriate card blocking form or report directly to the e-Banking Services Department , Helpdesk through telephone numbers 0911-575827, 0114-672055 or 0114-661643. One has to make sure that telephone reporting must be supported by written application form immediately.

Card Blocking Request Form Damaged/Expired cards

Each card has expiry period of five years. If your card is expired or damaged in any way, you can request for replacement at your Area Bank.

Card Replacement Form