Loan application with details showing type, amount and purpose of the loan, security proposed including type and value, mode of repayment and term of loan. Application shall include consent of personal guarantor/mortgagor when the security arrangements dictate so.


Original and photocopy of currently renewed, trade licenses relevant to the business line applicant is engaged in.

Copy of Article and Memorandum of Association in case of corporate entities like share companies, limited companies and partnerships.


Letters of Authorization and Approval from supervising government offices or consent of Board of Directors I case of state enterprises and cooperatives.


Copy of company profile.


Copy of feasibility study where the entities are new or specific project is to be financed.


Copies of three consecutive years’ Financial Statements. The statements can be audited or provisional. Projected financial statements are requirements for project financing.


Financial Credit Report form is available and must be completed to customers where books of accounts do not exist. The contents must be detailed and clear.


Supporting evidences for items listed in the balance sheet particularly for prepayments, receivables and stock list (These are required if the financial statements are not audited).


Evidences of securities such as land holding certificates and approved plans of building, ownership booklet of motor vehicles, etc.