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Loan Portfolio Management

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In an effort to participate in the economic development of the country, Dashen Bank plays an important role as a financial intermediary. In other words, it acts as bridge between those sections of the society that save and those that seek to invest or expand their ventures but have financial constraints to do so. In line with this, the bank mobilizes idle funds from the public and channels the same to sectors of the economy where they will be utilized most effective.

In Dashen we employ loan portfolio management as a mechanism to control risks. In addition to a prudent evaluation of the credit worthiness of loan applicants, the bank also controls risks by diversifying its loan portfolio.

Dashen grants loans and advance to various sectors of the economy on the strength of viability and assessment of concentration risk. Thus, all loans of all types and terms need to be spread among the categories of loans recognized by the bank.
Major types of credit facilities

Overdraft (for working capital)
Term loans (Short and project finance)
Letter of credit facility
Advance on import bills
Revolving overdraft (for export bills)
Merchandise loan
Trade bills discounted
Export credit guarantee scheme
Letter of guarantee (Advance, Performance and Bid Bonds)
Typical Loan Categories

Import/Export Loans
Trade and Services
Building & Construction