What does pos service mean?

POS service is a service in which the Merchant is able to accept any payments using VISA, MasterCard, UnionPay and American Express Cards coming from all over the word for payment using the Point of Sale (POS) terminal installed by Dashen Bank.

What benefits do I get if I become a Merchant of Dashen Bank?

Since Payments are transferred electronically, your cash handling cost will be reduced.
It enables you to attract cardholders that in turn increase your customer base.
It increases your sales volume
It reduces risk related to forged Notes and bounced checks.
It enables you to control daily transaction through POS reports and bank statements.
Being users of modern way of payment by itself will add a good image for your business.

What are the requirements to become a Merchant of Dashen Bank?

Opening an account (saving or current) in one of Dashen Area Banks.
Direct telephone line.
Signing a standard contract.

What should I fulfill to be a debit cardholder in Dashen Bank?

The only thing you need to have is an account (saving or current) at any of Dashen Area Banks.

Where and when could I use my debit card?

The Dashen VISA Debit card could be used to withdraw cash from ATM machines as well as to effect payments at merchant locations 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Besides, you can use your card to withdraw cash from one of Dashen Area Banks during working hours.

We have ATMs located at different places ATM Network

We also have diversified network of Card Accepting Merchants who accept your card for payment. Look for Visa logo to locate these merchants

What should I do if I loss my Card?

Since you have your own Personal Identification Number (PIN), the risk of your card being used by other person is minimized. However, you need to report to the Dashen Bank e-Banking Services Department immediately so that the card would be blocked. The e-Banking Services Department can be contacted using the address below

Helpdesk Service
Tel : +251 911 575827
+251 114 616430 / 672055
E-mail: dashencard@ethionet.et
What if I need to have another card for my relative on my account?
Ans. Yes, you can allow a secondary person to have a card on your account.

To what extent could I use my VISA debit card?

You can use your card to withdraw cash from ATMs to the extent of Br. 3,000.00/day. At merchant locations you can effect payment to the extent of Br. 5,000.00/day on your VISA debit card. This is just to protect you from any possible risk of losing the card.

What should I do if I encounter a problem at ATMs or merchant locations?

The helpdesk service at the e-Banking Services Department of Dashen Bank is available 24 hours a day to entertain all your queries. Thus, you could forward all your enquiries to the helpdesk using the above numbers at any time of the day or you could contact your nearest Area Bank during working hours.