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Salary Card

Have you or your Finance Manager ever been thinking of avoiding signing cheques in the name of your employees for salary every pay-day? Do your employees apply for leave to clear their salary cheques? Or does it make your Cashier busy in paying salary every end of month?

Headache has gone with itself since Dashen Bank introduced salary cards to companies like yours. Dashen Bank is currently issuing debit cards to access one’s account. The card is being accepted at POS terminals installed at merchant sites and ATMs deployed in various locations. Dashen debit cards can also be used as salary cards to any organization.

The procedure is simple and is indicated below.

Account will be opened in the names of the employees at any of Dashen Area Banks if s/he does not have one so far.
Debit card application will then be filled by respective applicants.
Then, cards will be issued to respective applicants.
At the end of every month or any arranged pay-day, responsible person of your company will instruct to credit the employees’ account with cover letter attaching payroll sheet.

Benefit to the employees:

No need to make a line to collect cash on pay days.
No need to go to a bank to cash the pay cheque.
No need to carry all of the monthly income. Instead the needful cash will be withdrawn and the rest will be saved in a bank account.
Freedom of access to an account anytime a day and any day of a week.
Safety and security.
Enhance saving habit.
Prestige in using the modern payment infrastructure technology.

Benefit to the company:

No employee will apply for leave to clear a cheque issued in his/her name or else you will see no one making a line to get his salary paid at the cashier’s booth.
You get everyone in office doing their job on pay-days.
The Management will focus on administering their core business.

What else?

An account can be linked with two cards. It is most common in the case of those who are leading a family. On the other hand, more than one account can also be linked with a single card; imagine the flexibility.
Oh, very important issue; transfer from one account to the other linked on the same card is charge free. So if one has a son/daughter who is a student at any of the outlaying Universities, just link that account with the card and perform transfer for free.
The card is a means to access an account. If it is lost or stolen, it can be replaced upon request. Losing a card does not mean that your money is gone! Your money is still in safe hands.
It takes less than 30 seconds, not 30 minutes, to get your money. You save time and we own your satisfaction.

Ample outlets ?

We have 40 ATMs and 15 more are coming soon. You can find these cash machines outside of Addis Ababa in places like Nazareth, Mekelle, B/Dar, Awassa, Jimma, Gondar , Harar and Dire Dawa.
We have an ever increasing merchant outlets which accept VISA and MasterCard all over Ethiopia.
All Dashen Area Banks accept your card if you would like to withdraw cash.