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Student Card

Have you ever thought of managing your time whilst collecting money that your parents sent you? Are you sick of waiting to get your cash at counters of Bank Branches?

Dashen Bank is pleased to relieve you from your worries with its new full-fledged payment card infrastructure.

Payment card, as the name indicates, is one way of exchanging value between a buyer and a seller. Payment cards are becoming the way of life in the modern business environment which reduces the use of cash or check.

The card is being accepted at POS terminals installed at merchant sites to effect payments for goods and services and at ATMs deployed in various locations to withdraw cash. Why worries then?

Get your Dashen Card now!

The procedure to apply for a card is simple. You only need to have an account if you don’t have one so far and we link that account with your card.

Why for?

Easy access to your account
It takes less than 30 seconds, not 30 minutes, to get your money. You manage your time, we own your satisfaction! A Pay conveniently at cafés, bars, restaurants and many more places.

Speed up fund transfer

Get your relative to have a card; they can transfer the fund to you in just at a click at an ATM. Feel the speed.
No more worries about bank closing hours to receive your money, your relatives can send you any time, any day, you can still do like wise to get it. Feel the freedom and save your time.

Keep your cash safe

The card is a means to access an account. If it is lost or stolen, it can be replaced upon request. Losing a card does not mean that your money is gone!


For college/University students we offer two alternatives. Choose one that can fit your convenience.


Open an account in any of Dashen Area Banks if you don’t have one so far.
Have a Dashen Card.
Either direct funds or transfers from parents could be deposited in this account.
Access this account 24 hours a day and 7 days a week at ATM or merchant locations.

Scenario 2

Parents/relatives could open two accounts in their nearest Dashen Branch. One is their main account but the other is earmark in the name of the student.
The parent/relative will be provided with a card which is linked with both of these accounts.
The student will be issued a card that is linked only to the earmarked account.
At any required frequency the parent/relative could transfer funds from his main account to the earmarked account on an ATM without the need to go to branches and without being charged for fund transfer.
The student could use his card 24 X 7 as far as there is a fund in his account.

How much?

Avoiding all those transfer charges and providing the convenience and freedom; we only charge you Br. 25.00 as joining fee and the card can be used for five years.
At ATM locations and Fuel Stations the charge involved is only 0.25% of the value of every transaction and it is free of charge when you purchase goods and services at other merchant outlets.
Big benefit! Fund transfer on ATM is for free.

Where can one use the card?

At the moment, We have 40 ATMs and 15 more are on the way. You can find one in or around your college/University.
More else, we have an increasing number of POS terminals at different merchant outlets all over Ethiopia which accept VISA and MasterCard. This number is increasing tremendously to reach your favorite places.