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Addis Ababa, November 20, 2023- Dashen Bank has joined the SME finance Forum as the global membership networkโ€™s latest member.

โ€œSME Finance Forum is delighted to welcome Dashen Bank, a leading bank in Ethiopia and Africa, into our network. I am confident they will further contribute towards our decade-long efforts in expanding access to financial services for SMEs. We have been building a global network of SME-focused institutions imparting knowledge, scaling innovations, sharing best practices and influencing policy shifts, and we are proud to welcome Dashen Bank today,โ€ said Qamar Saleem, CEO of the SME Finance Forum.

โ€œThrough our association with the SME Finance Forum, Dashen Bank aims to boost our brand recognition in the SME finance circle, connect with a broader audience, engage with other members, and stay aware of current industry trends and best practices,โ€ said Mr. Mulugeta Alebachew, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer at Dashen Bank.

Dashen Bank was founded in 1995 and is named after the highest peak in Ethiopia, Mount Dashen, and aspires to be โ€œBest in class Bank in Africa.โ€ Its mission is to provide customer-centric banking service using the expertise of inspired professionals and cutting-edge technology while creating sustainable value for its stakeholders.

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