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Dashen Bank have been developing trade solutions to the mutual benefit of the bank and trade community in full accordance with domestic and international regulations.

  • Import LCs, both sight & acceptance, are processed with less turnaround time in our dedicated trade service center with outstanding operational expertise.
  • If your international trade partner asks you for a cheaper way of handling international business, Documentary collection (CAD) might be a good solution for your partner. We offer all kinds of collection services such as documents against payment and documents against acceptance.
  • If the value of your import is less than USD 5,000 then you will benefit from our extensive global network for fast payment and reduce the transit costs.
  • All imports documents are checked in our dedicated trade service center without delay after receipt and in strict accordance with the respective international and domestic rules and regulation.
  • We are offering you an array of guarantee instruments be it direct or indirect subject to availability of credit line in our trade service center with our full range experience in guarantee and standby letter of credit business.
  • We are also offering Small items export permit for customers without the commensurate foreign exchange repatriation for specifically approved purposes.
  • NBE Pertinent directives.