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Demand Deposit / Current Account / Checking account

It is an account from which money can be withdrawn without notice, typically an active account catering for frequent deposits and withdrawals by Cheque.

Product Features
  • Safe and bears no interest rate
  • No limit on transaction amounts
  • Free and limitless inter and intra-bank transfer of funds (only local)
  • Free monthly account statement
  • ATM, POS, Payment Card, Internet & Mobile Banking Facility (for sole proprietors)
  • Initial Deposit of 500 ETB is required to set up the account
  • Minimum deposit amount should not be zero balance for more than three months
  • No maximum Deposit and withdrawal limit
Eligibility Requirements

For Sole Proprietors

  • Valid and renewed ID card, passport, Driving License, Other government issue ID cards
  • Tin registration certificate, Renewed trade license and commercial registration certificate
  • Initial Deposit

For Artificial Persons [Partnership, Assn., PLCs, Share Companies, etc.]

  • Renewed trade license, commercial registration and certificate of the company
  • Tin registration certificate
  • Authenticated Memorandum and Article of association
  • The minutes of the meeting of the board of directors held to discuss the opening and operation of the account
  • A letter of request to open and operate the account
  • A valid and renewed ID card of the authorized person