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Historical Background of Amole

As early as the 16th century, bars of salt money were called “amole,” after the Amole tribe that first introduced salt money to the Ethiopians.

  • Ethiopia offers the most recent example of a society circulating salt as money, a practice that lasted into the 20th century in remote areas.
  • Ethiopians are known for having a strong attraction to the taste of salt.
  • Referring to a millionaire, Ethiopians say “he eateth salt.”
  • The use of salt as money gives added meaning to the phrase “worth his salt.”

Amole Brand Propositions


  • To create an iconic brand rooted in Ethiopian values


  • Empower Ethiopians to positively transform our world through the innovative use of technology


  • Affiliation
  • Cultural Relevance & Symbolism
  • Trust & Reliability
  • Shared Growth & Progress

Amole as an Omni-Channel

  • Amole is an Omni-channel seamless banking experience that the customer uses to interact with the bank through various channels such as mobile, internet, USSD, all with the same username and password.

WH Questions about Amole

What is Amole?

  • Amole is an Omni channel payment and commerce platform provided by Dashen Bank to its esteemed customers.
  • The channel enables the customer to stay on top of their account 24 x 7 without being limited by time and geographic location.

How can I get registered on Amole?

  • Customers can visit any of the nearest Dashen Branches/Agents for registration.
  • Customers without even visiting branches can easily self register on Amole various channels i.e. Mobile App, Internet Banking, USSD and My Amole Telegram Bot.

What are the various channels to use Amole?

What can I do with Amole?

  • Fund Transfers
    – Transfer within own account
    – Transfer Within Dashen Bank,
    – Transfer to Other Bank,
    – Transfer to Mobile. (Both Registered and Unregistered).
  • Bill payments
    – DSTV Subscription
    – Ethiopian Air ticket purchase
    – Airtime purchase
    – School fee payments
    – Digital contents (Concert tickets, Great Run tickets and many more)
    – Water, electricity (Coming Soon)
  • Cash in and cash out at agent locations
  • Pay merchant:- 
    Using Amole, you can easily pay merchants, through QR code (I.e. Push payment) and Pull payment.

    You can also use Amole co-branded cards to transact at co-branded merchant locations. You can also buy and give our co-branded card as gift to the loved ones.

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Telegram –

  • Bulk disbursement (B2C)
    Using Amole B2C you can:
    – Pay employees salary (Single Debit and Multiple Credit in real time)
    – Pay suppliers
  • Automate your Supply Chain
    – Using Amole, you can easily automate your distribution chain and easily collect payments from whole sellers and retailers.
  • Download statement
    – Using Amole, you can easily download statement using, CSV, PDF and RTF file formats.
  • Check Balance
    You can check balance of as many accounts you have in the Bank in a single view.

Contact Us Amole Payment Services | Dashen Bank

  1. Amole operation center 16 hours’ support


  1. Dashen Contact Center 24 Hours Support