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What is Dashen Bank Prepaid International Card?
  • It is MasterCard Branded prepaid international Card issued by Dashen Bank.
What are the types of Cards available?
  • There are two types of Cards, i.e. Plastic and Virtual Cards. The plastic Card also have personalized and non-personalized Cards where the customer name can be printed or not.
What is Virtual Card?
  • It is a digital Card that is available online and don’t have a physical form.
What is the purpose of Virtual Card?
  • It is used to carry out e-commerce transactions.
How can I apply for the Card?
  • You can visit Dashen Bank Forex Bureaus or the nearest Branches.
What are the eligibility criteria to get the Card?
  • First, you need to open Bank account at any of Dashen Branches. Then, you shall bring valid Passport, valid visa, and valid flight ticket.
Is it a must to open a foreign currency Bank account to get the Card?
  • No, it is not a must to have a foreign currency Bank account.
What if I don’t have a travel plan, Can I get the Card?
  • Yes, but only if you have foreign currency account as per NBE eligibility criteria.
Can I get both plastic and Virtual Cards?
  • Yes, you can have both Plastic and Virtual Cards.

What if I don’t want my name printed on the Card?
  • You still have an alternative Non-personalized Card and all other functionalities are the same with that of personalized Card.

Can I get both personalized and non-personalized Card?
  • No, you can only have one plastic Card.

Where Can I use my plastic Card?
  • You can use your Card on E-commerce, ATMs and POS machines where MasterCard is accepted.

How Can I get the PIN for my Card?
Can I use the Card to pay for online purchases while I am in Ethiopia?
  • Yes, but you shall download the transaction receipt for future needs or queries.

What is needed to perform e-commerce transactions?
  • You need to enter the Card number, expiry date, and Card verification value
How Can I get the Card number and expiry date of my Card?
  • You can get it on the face of the plastic Card. If it is virtual Card, you can download your Card detail from the Cardholder portal.

How can I get my Card verification value?
  • You can get it at the back of your Card. If it is virtual Card, you can download your Card detail from the Cardholder portal.

How long can I use my Card?
  • You can use the Card until the expiry date.
When is the Card expiry date?
  • The Card expires after two years of its issuance.

Is e-mail address mandatory to request for the Card?
  • Yes, a valid e-mail address is required as the Card management is through self-service portal.

What is the currency for my transactions?
  • United States Dollar is the currency of the Card and every transaction is effected with USD.
What are the maximum and minimum transaction amounts?
  • You can withdraw up to USD 400 from ATMs and up to available balance using POS and e-commerce. The minimum transaction amount is USD 1.

What do I have to do when my Card is lost or stolen?
  • You can block/unblock your Card whenever you want using the Cardholder portal you used to set your PIN or visit Dashen Branches/Forex Bureaus or call to our 24/7 Contact Center through 6333.

How is my Card protected?
  • Your Card is protected with PIN on ATMs and POS machines, and with OTP on E-commerce sites.

What is OTP and what it is used for?
  • It is a onetime password sent to your registered mobile number or e-mail. It is used to authorize your transactions. Unless you enter the OTP on the space provided, the transaction will not be executed.

Can I use my Card in Ethiopia?
  • Yes, the Card works locally and internationally where MasterCard is accepted.
What is contactless Card?
  • It is a type of Card where you are not required to put the Card in ATM or POS machine to withdraw or make transactions. You can simple tap the ATM or POS machine with Card and process your transaction.

Does the Card support contactless transactions?
  • Yes, it is dual interface where you can carry out contact or contactless transactions.

Do I have to enter my PIN for all contactless transactions?
  • No, PIN is not required for transactions below USD 50.

Is contactless payment safe?
  • Contactless payments provide secure encryption technology and Zero Liability Protection and are as safe as your regular card.
How can I get a replacement card?
  • You can visit the nearest Forex Bureaus or Branches.
How Can I see my balance?
  • You will receive an e-mail with your remaining balance whenever you carry out transactions or you can login to the Cardholder portal to see.

How can I check my previous transactions and get statement?
  • You can login to the Cardholder portal and download your transaction statement with date range.

What if my Cardholder portal access gets locked out?
  • You shall call to our Contact Center to get unlocked.
What can I do with my remaining balance after my trip?
  • You can reuse the balance in the Card whenever you have another trip before the Card expires or you can use it to transact on e-commerce sites or local ATMs and POS machines. In addition, you can apply for the refund of the remaining balance.

Is the Card reloadable?
  • Yes, balance can be reloaded on the Card up until the expiry date.

Is it in USD that the remaining balance can be refunded?
  • No, the remaining balance can be refunded to your Bank account after the USD balance is converted to ETB using the prevailing exchange rate. However, if the Card was loaded from your FCY Bank account initially, the refund will take place in USD to your account.

How can I raise my Card dispute?
  • You can call to Contact Center through 6333.

What is the maximum date to raise Card disputes?
  • You shall raise your dispute within 90 days of the transaction execution.

How can I secure my Card from fraud?
  • You shall not expose your PIN to others and you shall keep your Card and your Cardholder portal credential safe with you. In addition, you shall due care while using your Card on unknown websites.

What is the function of Amole?
  • Transferring and receiving money
  • Checking balance
  • Purchasing air time data package
  • DSTV Payment
  • Purchasing airplane ticket
  • Transaction service
Where is Dashen Bank’s Headquarters located?

In front of the National Bank of Ethiopia

What is Dashen Bank free call number?


How many districts does Dashen Bank have?

12 (4 in Addis Ababa and 8 outline Addis Ababa)

How can I download Amole App?
  • You can Download Amole Wallet for Android Devices such as Samsung, LG, Sony, Huawei, Tecno, etc…; by clicking on this link.
  • You can Download Amole Wallet for iOS Devices such as iPhones and iPad by clicking on this link.
What is the swift code of Dashen Bank?


What are the types of cards issued by Dashen Bank?
  • American Express Gold Card
  • American Express Green Card
How can I register to start using Amole banking services?
  • Dial *996#
  • Go to your nearest Branch
How can I get information on Dashen Bank’s loan service?

Visit our website: or visit your nearby branch of Dashen Bank.

What is the phone number for Dashen Bank’s Contact Center?

+251 115 18 3091 or 6333

How many branches does Dashen Bank have?

800+ Branches (As of March 30, 2023)