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Who is eligible to get VISA card

  • A Savings Account holder with authority to operate the account in individual capacity.
  • Current Account holder (only for a Current Account in individual name or proprietorship)

Features of the product

  • Withdraw up to 10,000.00 Birr per day per card subject to the balance in your account.
  • Purchase goods or services up to Birr 8,000.00 per day per card at any of the Dashen Bank merchants.

Benefit of using VISA Card

  • Access your money 24 X 7 X 365, without limitation for bank working hours.
  • Operate multiple accounts with a single card.
  • Check the balances of all accounts linked to the card.
  • Obtain mini-statement that lists the last ten transactions in any of your accounts linked to your card.

What should you do if you lost your card

  • Since you have your own Personal Identification Number (PIN), the risk of your card being used by other person is minimized. However, you need to report to the Dashen contact center agents immediately so that the card would be blocked. The contact service agents can be reached using the address below:           
     +251 115 18 0007  | +251 115 18 0008  |  +251 115 18 0009    

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